COVID-19 Info

Updated 8/26/2020

Is Doane Rest open for guests during COVID-19?

Yes, we are open!

In order to visit, you need to fill out a bit of paperwork. For now, the following are the documents you need to either fill out or procure:

  • Barangay Clearance
  • (optional, but you never know when more paperwork might help)

  • Health Clearance/Medical Clearance Certificate (similar names for what we believe is the same thing)
  • Travel Authority Pass from police
  • Health Declaration Form (HDF) with Baguio City (link to external site)
  •    NOTE: Your purpose for visiting Baguio will be religion/pilgrimage and your employment status will be unemployed/housewives/others.

DO NOT go to Visita or other places to register. The process above is for missionaries and others traveling for religious purposes. Going through other sources won’t allow you to register to visit Doane Rest.

We hope that this entire process will soon be simplified. As a consolation, check out our food page where you can see all of the options that deliver cooked meals and ingredients to Doane Rest!

Where can I find more info about COVID-19 policies in Baguio?

To find out more information of what you might expect during your stay, you may visit any of the following links:

Baguio City Website (external link)
Public Order & Safety Division – City of Baguio (external link)
Baguio Mayor Benjie Magalong – Public Servant (external link)

What are some general COVID-19 guidelines for now?

Click any of these links below to view informational PDFs released by the DOH and CDC.

10 Things to Manage Your Symptoms

Avoid the 3 Cs

Cover Your Cough

Handwashing Alternatives

Stay Home From Work

Stop the Spread of Germs

Do you have equipment to keep us safe at Doane Rest?

Yes, we do. At our gate, we have a footbath, alcohol dispenser, thermal thermometer, and logbook. Upon entry, these items must be used to disinfect and log entry.

At your cottage, you will find an alcohol dispenser by the front door.

Inside, you will find extra disposable masks for each individual in your party, along with Lysol to disinfect items during your stay.

After each guest, we also disinfect all surfaces in our cottages, along with washing all linens and hanging things out in the sun for a few hours. According to studies, COVID-19 doesn’t like sunshine for extended periods of time. We are trying our best to make sure things are clean and safe for you, while also not giving you cancer in the process by using all kinds of crazy chemicals.