Doane Rest’s facilities are available for certain reservations*. Our Meeting Hall is able to accommodate 50 people maximum. Here are some of the events we have hosted in the past:

Ministry Training Seminars

Bible School Alumni Reunions

Youth Fellowships/Activities (day only)

CPR Training

Women’s Fellowships

Other Welcome Events

Ministry Retreats
Seminary Graduate Classes
Association Meetings

*Events We Cannot Accommodate at This Time

Children’s Camps

Any Sunday Events

The following amenities are available:

  •  Whiteboard and chalkboard
  • Projector with screen, along with adapters for HDMI, VGA, and Lightning connections
  • Sound system with 2 speakers, 2 wireless mics, and 1 audio cable
  • Electric keyboard
  • Kitchen for washing, along with dishes, utensils, cups, and mugs (good for 50 people)
  • Tables and chairs (good for 50 people)
  • Two CRs
  • Wifi access