Of course at Doane Rest, with our fully-equipped kitchens, It is more than possible to cook for yourself. Still, we know vacation can be a break time for everyone, and it’s fun to try out local restaurants and see the sights. Below, you can find a few of the local food choices available. These are the best we have tried, and we wouldn’t share them with you if we didn’t recommend them.

All links will direct you to the Facebook page of each respective business. We have no affiliation with these businesses unless we mention so, and we receive nothing from recommending these to you.

Produce Delivered
B.A's Market / Online Palengke
B.A’s Market / Online Palengke
For affordable and convenient delivery of quality produce, we recommend their produce delivery services so you don’t have to go to the market!
Meat Delivered
Basic Needs Merchandising
Basic Needs Merchandising
Delivery of meats for cooking. The owners are Christians, so along with buying quality meat, you are supporting a Christian family.
Asian Fusion

Chef's Home
Chef’s Home
If you want to enjoy Thai food (because the chef himself is Thai), look no further. Additionally, Chef Alwin is a committed Christian, so you can support a brother in Christ while enjoying his delicious food.


Il Padrino
Local Filipino coffee in a great atmosphere. The cakes are beautiful and tasty too!
Vizco's Cakes
Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop
Vizco’s has the best cakes in town. Their Decadent Chocolate cake is our favorite!
Filipino Food
Good Taste
Good Taste
A great place to get affordable Filipino food that is also safe to eat and delicious. Try the buttered chicken!
Filipino Food and Cakes
Tea House
Tea House
Good Filipino food along with yummy Filipino-style cakes. The strawberry shortcake is a favorite.
Healthy Food

Health 100 and Eco Lodge
Located just down the street from Doane Rest (walking distance), is Health 100. No meat is served here, only tofu and other veggie alternatives, and they serve brown rice instead of white rice. If you want chicken, beef, or fish, you can head down a little bit farther into the Anglican church compound where Eco Lodge is located. We like visiting both of these because they are close, relatively affordable, and the food is tasty and healthy. Their desserts are also yummy, but don’t expect your doctor to prescribe them. 😉

The Indian Kitchen
The Indian Kitchen
If you have a craving for Indian food, check out the Indian Kitchen!
Korean Barbecue
Nare Samgyeopsal
Samgyeopsalamat has the best Korean barbecue we have tried in the Philippines. Their all-you-can-eat package has over 10 meat choices, along with unlimited cheese. Located near Burnham Park, it’s a great choice for enjoying after you spend time walking around the lake.
Korean Fried Chicken
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken
If you want to try Korean fried chicken, Mr. Chicken is our recommendation. They have so many options, so try more than one!
American-style Pizza
Summer City Pizza
The best American-style pizza we’ve found in the Philippines. Even better, the owner is a Christian, the pizza is affordable, and delivery is free!
Italian-style Pizza
Amare La Cucina Pizza
Amare La Cucina
Excellent wood fired pizza. The crust is our favorite!
Pizza and Pasta

Grumpy Joe’s
Try the 5 cheese pizza!

Yes Pho
Yes Pho
Pho. ‘nuf said. 😉